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Lilly and Reed book by Allie Everhart

Coming soon!

Lilly Kensington’s story continues in Lilly and Reed. We know Katherine is stirring up trouble, but what is she really up to? And how does she plan to accomplish her goal? Find out soon! I’m in the process of editing and plan to release the book in May.


Teaser from Lilly and Reed, releasing May 12th!

Garret talking to Pearce.

“Dad, you have to tell her the truth. Otherwise she’ll just try harder to be with him. It’ll be like me and Jade all over again.”

“I don’t want her to know. It’ll change her. Make her see the world a different way. It’ll make her see ME a different way. I don’t want my little girl knowing what I’ve done. It was bad enough that you found out. I wish you’d never known.”

By Allie Everhart

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