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Escaping Cyprus & Escaping Cyprus II: The Final Chapter by Gus Constantine


This novel is based on true accounts. I have conducted many interviews here in the United States and have traveled to Cyprus for additional research. The atrocities described in the novel are factual.

When Turkish soldiers invade his Cypriot village in 1974, twelve-year old Haji witnesses brutal atrocities, including the torturous murders of his father and sister while his pregnant mother was repeatedly being raped.

With the help of his beautiful school teacher Rebecca, (dishonored many times by Turkish soldiers) they flee their village only to face constant life-threatening danger wherever they went; as the barbaric Turkish soldiers continue to pursue them.

Their struggle to survive the Turkish soldiers and then to erase their horrible memories that haunt them lead to the dramatic ending.

About the Author

Gus Constantine is retired from the transportation industry. During his career Gus has been involved in several charitable organizations and continues to do so. He has served on his Church board holding several officer positions, including President. While serving as President of St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Church, Gus wrote a monthly newsletter in the Church magazine. Gus is also an author of several short stories. Gus lives on Long Island with his wife Georgia of thirty-six years. They have three grown children and seven grandchildren.

Escaping Cyprus II: The Final Chapter by Gus Constantine


Escaping Cyprus II: The Final Chapter continues forty-two years after Escaping Cyprus. Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat as you continue to live with Rebecca and Haji. Although it’s forty-two years later the atrocities they had inflected on them never left.

As the saga continues with the next generation as the twists and turns will keep you from putting the book down.

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