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TYCOON by Katy Evans, Release date: June 20th


So happy to finally share what I’ve been working on for the past few months!! TYCOON is a brand new sexy STANDALONE and releasing in ebook, audio and paperback on June 20th. I am so very stoked to share this sexy baby with you!! Blurb and preorder links below! June 20th….cannot wait for you to get here! 😉





He wasn’t always this rich. This hot. This difficult.

Aaric Christos was a guy who protected me. Wanted me. Maybe even loved me.

That man is gone.

In his place is the most powerful real estate tycoon in the city.

He’s a cold, ruthless, aggressive businessman.

The only one who can save me and my startup from ruin.

It takes every ounce of courage to put my pride aside and ask for his help.

I didn’t expect him to offer it easily.

And he doesn’t.

Instead, he vets me harder than he’s vetted anyone.

Don’t invest in what you don’t know, he says.

He’s assessing every piece of me, to the point I’ve never felt so bare.

I yearn for the boy I once knew, whose touch once craved me.

Putting it all on the line will be worth it, I tell myself.

Until I realize—too late—that some risks are not worth taking.
Release date: June 20th.

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Undeniably Fated, A Significance Novel, Book 7

Undeniably Fated a SIGNIFICANCE novel


Ember s life has been a series of events leading her to just one fated moment The one moment she s waited for her entire life, when she can finally find the one she s supposed to be with and feel his touch buzz along her skin But when tragedy comes, there s no one to blame and no one to save her, not even her significant.

Or maybe the impossible will become possible. Lando Ember s life has been a series of events leading her to just one fated moment The one moment she s waited for her entire life, when she can finally find the one she s supposed to be with and feel his touch buzz along her skin But when tragedy comes, there s no one to blame and no one to save her, not even her significant. Or maybe the impossible will become possible. Landon has wanted to be a firefighter since he was a kid A. .

“Landon,” I whispered and leaned in a little because the mowers outside were so loud it was hard to hear. 

He leaned in, too, and put his hand on the bed beside me, his fingers lightly brushing my thigh as he did so. I heard my surprised breath burst forth as I looked down at those fingers as they caressed my sheet-covered leg. 

He lifted my chin, his thumb swiping up and down my lips as his stare bored into mine. It was like he was looking for something, searching my face in a slow caress. And when he found that something, the corner of his lip lifted before he eased into my space and latched his mouth onto mine.


     When her hair moved and I saw her face, I got a good look at her. Her lips were open a little and pink and glossy with whatever girly stuff she had put on them, her skin was golden tan and smooth, her features fit together like the perfect little puzzle of her family’s genetics of good-looking people, her eyes that looked up at me were so blue, and she was the most stunning human being I’d ever seen.

    I felt like the biggest tool for thinking it, knowing she was in this mess right then, but it didn’t make it any less true.

    “Hey,” I told her softly when our eyes met. Wow, those eyes. She stared up at me, saying nothing, like she expected me to fix everything, right the wrongs of injustice and battle any demons that may come to steal away the light, right then and there. And in that moment, that’s exactly what I wanted to do—that’s exactly what I would have done.


“I have a feeling,” he took another deep breath, calming, and I’d never felt so smug, “that I have a lot to learn about all this.”

Knowing that it was my bliss that was helping him, my calming touch that was taking his angered veins and wrangling them like vines in a thunder storm under his skin, knowing that only I could be his drug from now on, was making me more than a little blissed out.

“Yeah,” I whispered, “and I can’t wait to show you.”
The guy who I could only assume was Maggie’s—yep, he was her husband, unless some other person in this family was going for a sly backside feelski, and if that was true, I was coming in to a family with more “problems” than just keeping their secret superhero identities.

Her husband said, “If you have a sarcastic mind, you’re done for.” He grinned at me and then looked down at her, his face changing a little to reveal his affection for her. “She can’t hold back the giggles with the sarcasm. It does her in every time.”

She smacked his arm. “Don’t tell him all my secrets.” She looked at me and shook her head. “Besides, Caleb can hear everything, too, by default through me. And he has no room to talk. He’s the most sarcastic person in here and makes me snort in front of complete strangers on purpose.” The guy laughed loudly at that. “So…” she shrugged, “I’m sorry. We’re a very open family.” 
Coming Soon

No release date yet.
Coming soon

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Exclusive cover reveal and excerpt: ‘As She Fades’ by Abbi Glines arriving in April 2018

About the book

First there was an accident. What happened next changed everything.

On the night of her high school graduation, Vale McKinley and her boyfriend Crawford are in a terrible car accident. They were supposed to spend the summer planning for college, for a bright future full of possibility. Together. Instead, Vale spends long days in the hospital, hoping Crawford will awaken from a coma.

Slate Allen, a college friend of Vale’s brother, has been visiting his dying uncle at the same hospital. When he and Vale meet, she can’t deny the flutter of an illicit attraction. She tries to ignore her feelings, but she’s not immune to Slate’s charm. Slowly, they form a cautious friendship.

Then, Crawford wakes up… with no memory of Vale or their relationship. Heartbroken, Vale opts to leave for college and move on with her life. Except now, she’s in Slate’s territory, and their story is about to take a very strange detour.

Abbi Glines’ millions of fans will adore As She Fades, a novel as romantic as it is full of twists and unexpected turns.


The smell of summer evenings always made me feel happy. Since I was a girl, it was the reminder that school was over and adventure awaited. Swimming in the lake, playing basketball with my older brothers, and of course our annual family vacation. However, this year it meant freedom. A new life, a new beginning. For me and Crawford.

I glanced over at him driving and the warmth in my chest grew at the sight of him. We had been together since we were kids. First as friends, and then it grew into more as we got older. Today we had walked across the large stage set in the center of our high school football field and received our diplomas. We were graduates. Finally.

“Still seems hard to believe it’s over. High school,” I added for clarification. Although I was sure he would understand what I meant.

He cut his eyes toward me and the corner of his lips curved up just enough for his eyes to sparkle the way they did when he was amused or pleased. “It’s not over. It’s just beginning, V. Our life will be exactly like we planned it.”

I wanted to believe that. We were going to the same college. Crawford had a scholarship for football. A full ride. It wasn’t my first choice for school but I wanted to be where he was. We had never been apart.

“Everyone seemed almost scared tonight. Like they were drinking and partying to forget the fact we’re adults now. This is it.”

Crawford shrugged. “I bet most of them are terrified. They don’t all have plans like we do. They have to decide what’s next.”

He was right, of course. He always was. One of the things I loved about Crawford was his confidence. He didn’t worry and back away from a problem. He faced it head-on and took control. I felt safe with him, like he would always have the answer I needed.

His hand reached over and covered mine. “Our life is going to be amazing. College is going to be just what we need. To get out of this town but not too far away. We can spread our wings and still come home to visit easily enough. You’re going to love it.”

And I believed him. My mind was playing through all the fun things we would see and do. Excitement for what was to come bubbled up in me and I was so ready for August to arrive.

Our favorite song came on the radio and Crawford turned it up and began to sing along with his off-key voice. He was a terrible singer, but he knew it made me laugh so he did it often. Joy swelled up in me for the life I had, so strong it was hard to contain it. I began to laugh as he hit another bad note. This was my life and I loved it.

It was then that Crawford slammed on the brakes and the world began spinning. The smell of burning rubber and the violent screeching of wheels took away all my other thoughts. Dreams vanished in that instant. Completely.

Excerpt from As She Fades by Abbi Glines. © 2018 by Abbi Glines. To be published by Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Book Group.

About Abbi

Abbi Glines is a No. 1 New York Times, USA TODAY and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, Field Party, and Existence series. (When asked how many books she has written she has to stop and count on her fingers.) When she’s not locked away writing, she is reading, shopping (major shoe and purse addiction), sneaking off to the movies alone, and listening to the drama in her teenagers’ lives while making mental notes on the good stuff to use later.
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