Request to a Year by Judith Wright

If the year is meditating a suitable gift, 

I should like it to be the attitude 

of my great- great- grandmother, 

legendary devotee of the arts, 
who having eight children 

and little opportunity for painting pictures, 

sat one day on a high rock 

beside a river in Switzerland 
and from a difficult distance viewed 

her second son, balanced on a small ice flow,drift down the current toward a waterfall 

that struck rock bottom eighty feet below, 
while her second daughter, impeded, 

no doubt, by the petticoats of the day, 

stretched out a last-hope alpenstock 

(which luckily later caught him on his way). 
Nothing, it was evident, could be done; 

And with the artist’s isolating eye 

My great-great-grandmother hastily sketched the scene. 

The sketch survives to prove the story by. 
Year, if you have no Mother’s day present planned, 

Reach back and bring me the firmness of her hand.

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A Mother’s Story by Rosie Batty with Bryce Corbett


An updated edition of the profoundly moving and inspiring memoir from Australia’s domestic violence crusader, Rosie Batty.

Rosie Batty knows pain no woman should have to suffer. Her son was killed by his father in a violent incident in February 2014, a horrendous event that shocked not only the nation, but the world. 

Greg Anderson murdered his 11-year-old son Luke and was then shot by police at the Tyabb cricket oval. Rosie had suffered years of family violence, and had had intervention and custody orders in place in an effort to protect herself and her son.

Rosie has since become an outspoken and dynamic crusader against domestic violence, winning hearts and mind all over Australia with her compassion, courage, grace and forgiveness. 

In January 2015, Rosie was named Australian of the Year, 2015. Inspiring, heartfelt and profoundly moving, this is Rosie’s story.

A percentage of royalties from sales of this book are going to the Luke Batty Foundation.

‘A brave, resolute and heart-breaking tale’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Every Australian should read this book’ Tracey Spicer

‘Just finished A Mother’s Story. Loved it. Cried. Got angry. Important book, beautifully written’ Juanita Phillips

‘This highly emotional book … She suffers but she is not a victim. Batty is comforting and terrifying. She is protector and avenger… She has moral authority and dignity … compelling’ ABR

About the Author

Rosemary Anne “Rosie” Batty (born 9 February 1962) is an Australian domestic violence campaigner and the 2015 Australian of the Year.

Her role as a campaigner began in 2014 after her 11 year old son Luke Batty was murdered by his father Greg Anderson. 

As a campaigner, she has spoken publicly about her experiences as a survivor of domestic violence in order to raise public awareness and advocate for changes in police responses, the delivery of support services and government engagement.

Batty is considered to have had a significant influence on national public attitudes, donations and allocations of funding, government initiatives, and police and legal procedures related to domestic violence in Australia.