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The Wall – A Post-Apocalyptic Novel (Ravaged Land: Eventuality Book 1) by Kellee L. Greene


For over a hundred years they’ve been told there is nothing beyond the wall but death and despair.

And no one has wanted to leave… until now.

Sadie Keane struggled daily with the laws that have been put in place since the wall was built.

Unfortunately, as a sworn officer of the law, not to mention the president of the city’s daughter, she has no choice but to uphold them.

But when Sadie learns about a secret exit from the city, all she can think about is leaving to find her friends who were banished by her father.

Will Sadie risk everything to find life in the world of death and destruction beyond the wall?

And if she leaves will she ever be able to return?


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Alessio (Guzzi Legacy #2) by Bethany-Kris

The son of a prominent Cosa Nostra Don, Corrado Guzzi’s life should have been all mapped out.
He would be what every other Guzzi man was, too—made, mafia. It’s their way.
But when given another choice, the chance to be something more, he takes it. Even if it comes with strings.
It’s there that he might find where he belongs, and Alessio Sorrento. The man who could change his whole life.
This love thing? It should have been easy, but they made it hard. Nothing about a relationship like theirs is simple.
Dictated by rules, weighed down with things left unsaid, and already hanging by a frayed thread.
This is what love looks like before, and after.
Before she came along.
And after she was there.
It takes one woman to change everything.
Ginevra Calabrese wasn’t ready for this—for them.
So, what happens now?


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Lies By Kylie Scott


Betty Dawsey knows that breaking things off with Thom Lange is for the best.

He’s nice, but boring, and their relationship has lost its spark.

But steady and predictable Thom, suddenly doesn’t seem so steady and predictable when their condo explodes and she’s kidnapped by a couple of crazies claiming that Thom isn’t who he says he is.

Thom is having a hellish week. Not only is he hunting a double agent, but his fiancé dumped him, and thanks to his undercover life, she’s been kidnapped.

Turns out Thom is Operative Thom and he’s got more than a few secrets to share with Betty if he’s going to keep her alive.

With both their lives on the line, their lackluster connection is suddenly replaced by an intense one.

But in his line of work, feelings aren’t wanted or desired. Because feelings can be a lethal distraction.


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Diary of a Bad Boy by Meghan Quinn


From USA Today best-selling author Meghan Quinn comes a sassy and sweet romance about an Irish rebel who falls in love with the wrong girl.

Full of witty banter and swoony moments, it’s the perfect romantic comedy to binge on.

Dear Diary, 

I might have gotten myself into a wee bit of trouble – and I’m not talking about the “court mandated community service”, or “therapy sessions from bashing a bloke in the head” kind of trouble.

I wish it were that simple.

Nope. I’m talking about the “falling in love with one of my client’s daughters”, kind of trouble…The kind of problem I can’t talk my way out of when the truth gets out.

How I ended up with her phone is a long story – and when she called to get it back, I took things a bit too far.

One innocent exchange wound up leading to so much more.

Fun, new, and totally immune to my charm, Sutton is different. And I had no idea she was the daughter of Foster Green. 

Blame it on the dark colored stout running through my veins, pushing me toward one bad decision after another.

Pushing me toward her even though I know right from wrong; even though she’s my client’s daughter. 

Dating her might be the best or worst decision I’ve ever made.

Only time, whiskey, and one more roll around the mattress with her will tell.